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Buying Property In Mexico 2017 !!BETTER!!

Some of the acceleration in foreign purchases over the past year appears to come from the combination of more affordable property choices in the U.S. and foreigners deciding to buy now knowing that any further weakening of their local currency against the dollar will make buying more expensive in the future.

buying property in mexico 2017

PLS Inc. ("PLS"), a leading Houston-based oil and gas research firm, announces that merger and acquisition activity for the upstream energy sector in the United States more than doubled in 2016 to $69 billion in 385 deals as the industry quickly adapted to securing Tier 1 drilling locations that are profitable in a $50 oil price environment and buying existing production. The 2016 deal value compares to $32 billion in 285 deals in 2015 and $85 billion in 437 deals during the much higher-priced 2014 environment. Oil price accounts for much of the deal market volatility as it began descending from July 2014 highs of $100-plus and accelerated in November 2014 when OPEC decided to open the taps to gain market share. This resulted in prices plummeting to a low of $27 per barrel in February 2016. Two years after OPEC's attack on oil prices began, both OPEC and non-OPEC countries agreed to cut production beginning January 1, 2017 -- a decision that is expected to boost oil prices this year.

PLS Managing Director Brian Lidsky said, "During the downturn, the industry focused on a trifecta of decreasing costs, increasing recoveries and capital discipline. Corporate strategies ran the gamut from Chapter 11 restructurings and exits to bold moves to secure large proven land inventory in anticipation of oil price recovery in 2017. Certainly, the Delaware basin portion of the Texas Permian region ranks as 2016's M&A play of the year as fresh equity capital poured into the area to buy Tier 1 acreage and production in areas like Reeves, Pecos and Loving counties, Texas to the tune of $18.0 billion. The buying in the Delaware basin, perhaps best described as hand-to-hand combat, secured nearly 11,000 prime drilling locations with over six billion boe of net resource at a cost of about $2.15/boe, excluding Apache's Alpine High discovery. Those buyers fortunate to be on the winning side should be positioned very well in a rising oil price environment."

On January 24, 2017, the department received confirmation that a 1.5-year-old male white-tailed deer harvested by a hunter within SZ 3 in Medina County during the 2017-2018 hunting season had tested positive for CWD. The deer was free-ranging and was harvested on a low-fenced property. There is currently no evidence that the deer was a deer liberated from a deer breeding facility and the harvest site has not been a release site for breeder deer or deer under any other department-administered permit programs. Prior to this discovery, CWD discoveries in this part of the state occurred only in deer breeding facilities and their associated release sites. 041b061a72


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