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His Story: The Musical is a Broadway-style theatrical event, 2000 years in the making. In this new contemporary pop musical based on the life of Jesus, a common-man-from-a-sketchy-family arrives in the big city and defies expectations.

buy event opal speakers

Handy and ease of use for most music (your sound space can feel small on the BX5 if you write orchestral music) most producers should find the M-Audio Bx5 a great addition to the studio. There are no switches you can play around with on the speakers, just a volume knob so you have to make sure your room is treated properly.

The build of the speakers are noticeably economically built if you compare it to the others. Sound wise the monitors can be a little harsh on the high end but that can be fixed with the frequency switches that are available on the back of the speakers. The frequency range that is advertised by the manufacturer surprises us a little though, for being quite limited.

A little more expensive than the rest so far, but you might consider if you want something better. At this price point, expect clean and punchy highs and mids from the HS8. Basses on the speakers are also pronounced nicely and they can really bring out the sound details that you need.

Great for near-field to mid-field listening environments, the Focal Twin 6 goes quite loud to near being an event sound system speakers as well. Very detailed sounding high ends on this speakers although too much of that can give you ear-fatigue while monitoring. Worth a try the next time you are at the store despite the many mixed reviews.

Juneteenth Day of Service and Community Resource Fair: The second annual event includes the dedication of the Linda Dent Memorial Amphitheater and the Linda Dent Memorial Fund for Compton Creek Natural Park, games and contests, employment information, health screenings and food, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The dedication ceremony at 10 a.m. Compton Creek Natural Park, 941 W. Cressey St., Compton. 213-399-3584 or

Fixins Soul Kitchen presents a Juneteenth Celebration at LA Live: Food, lawn games and music curated by DJs, 3-9 p.m. Admission $16.95. The event is held at XBOX Plaza. LA Live, 800 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles. Details and to purchase admission:

Juneteenth Festival by SoulfulofNoise: Event includes games, health and wellness information, live music, food trucks, vendors and an entrepreneurship workshop, noon-6 p.m. Register in advance here: Comfort LA, (parking lot next door), 1110 E. Seventh St., Los Angeles. Information about SoulfulofNoise:

Juneteenth Celebration in Oxnard: The Juneteenth Committee of Ventura County presents the event with art, exhibits, food, health and wellness information and vendors, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. June 18. The Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit is scheduled to be in attendance. Event celebrates the 1865 historical Proclamation of Freedom from slavery in Texas. Fun dress code: if you are able, vintage attire from 1865 is encouraged. The celebration will also stream live on Facebook. Plaza Park, Oxnard. 805-901-3639.

The Portuguese participation in the slave trade in Japan was spontaneously initiated by the Iberian merchants settled in Kyūshū. However, unlike the African slave trade in the Atlantic Ocean, these slaves were transported to Macao, Malacca, Manila, Acapulco, Kochi, Goa, and Lisbon without official authorization. At that time, the so-called license was a mandatory provision to import slaves and take them from one place to another. As a way of managing this situation in Japan, the Jesuits began to issue slave licenses, legitimizing this trade. These licenses did not have royal approval from Portugal, or ecclesiastical endorsement from Rome. Despite the connivance of the Society of Jesus with the slave merchants, some members of this group, urged the King of Portugal, Sebastian I, to prohibit it. Efforts to create a law to protect the Japanese and the interests of the Society of Jesus in Japan were rewarded, in 1570, with the publication of a law against Japanese slavery throughout Portuguese territories. However, despite its publication in the European metropolis, this law was never implemented in Goa, then the center of Portuguese administration in Asia. Negotiations between the king and the Goa City Hall High Court eventually led to an agreement whereby the law against Japanese slavery officially came into force in Goa, in theory from 1605 and in practice from 1607.

The Student Organization Marketplace is an online tool where recognized student orgs at ISU are able to extend their business to the internet and more effectively reach the larger Iowa State community and beyond. You can use the Marketplace to sell event registrations, collect membership dues and receive non-charitable donations. By purchasing a product through the Student Org Marketplace, customers are directly supporting your organization!

Questions? Email are also looking for undergraduate or graduate students to serve as at-large members on the board. A full description of responsibilities and the board member application are available online.

If your org is planning an event that includes guests, members of other orgs, is open to the Iowa State Community or individuals from other universities, you need to have your even authorized. You can review the event authorization system training in the student org database. Once you pass the quiz, email to be added to the system. Fill out an Online Event Authorization Form and submit it online at least ten class days prior to the date of the event. Your event may require more time to be authorized depending on the details of your program, so please start this process as soon as you begin planning.

The CyBowl Giveback Program is an exciting, new way to fundraise and promote your organization! Held in CyBowl & Billiards, this fundraiser will give your student org 25 percent of the revenue earned from bowling, shoe rental or billiards from any guest that presents the giveback invitation/flyer. Giveback events are held 12pm - close on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday based on the orgs preference and the availability of CyBowl & Billiards.

Thompson Coburn Chairman Tom Minogue was the closing speaker at a Sept. 19 jubilee event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. With a summa cum laude degree in Economics from 1976, Tom was selected as the single graduate to speak on behalf of all University alumni.

The event wrapped up a full year of anniversary festivities, including an extensive metropolitan advertising campaign featuring six distinguished alumni, including Tom. As part of the campaign, Tom was featured on a billboard that was prominently featured above I-64 and rotated around the St. Louis area.

Tissue World Digital Days will offer every attendee an entirely new experience of content, education and matchmaking. Over three days, five focused live panel discussions and webinars will take place with a deep and broad program. Attendees can connect with all job levels of professionals in the tissue industry seeking new solutions, innovative technology, market outlooks and insight in consumer trends. Over three days, five focused live panel discussions and several pre-recorded webinars will take place. Here are the main live virtual sessions and brief biographical notes on the keynote speakers, presenters and panelists.

Jonathan is a communications consultant to the paper and fiber industry, and regular moderator at Tissue World events. He set up Pryor Roberts Communications in 1999 having worked as a journalist for PPI in Brussels for several years. His client base is focused in Sweden and Italy.

The 2016 Accredited Gemologists Association Conference in Tucson, Arizona, USA, took place 3 February, with the theme 'Where in the World?--Origin of Gem Species & More'. Attended by 132 people, the event was moderated by AGA president Stuart Robertson, and featured six speakers.

Andrew Cody (Cody Opal, Melbourne, Australia) began the conference with a presentation on the various types of opal, their attributes and where they have been mined, as well as current pricing trends for fine Australian opal.

The California Biomass Collaborative held its fifth annual forum in Sacramento May 28-30 2008 at the Sacramento Convention Center. The event was jointly sponsored by the Collaborative along with the California Energy Commission, the California Institute for Food and Agricultural Research, the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, the California Air Resources Board, and the University of California, Davis.

iFT gateways offer four IP channels of video transmission with the option to easily add four channels of ADPRO analytics and event recording via Micro SD card. This platform is ideal for local retail, residential, and remote site applications.

These IP video multi-service platforms run the powerful ADPRO XO 4 Security+ operating system software offering full remote monitoring features such as arming/disarming, event quad pictures, and the most reliable and secure transmission of alarms, which is unlike competitive solutions that rely on insecure email transmission of alarms.

In a campus-wide email sent out on Wednesday, April 14, the UC San Diego Office of the Chancellor provided major updates to the commencement ceremonies that are slated to take place on Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13. Graduates will now have the option to attend the ceremonies in-person on RIMAC field, as opposed to having a fully virtual event. UCSD also announced that Black Lives Matter Global Network co-founder and UCSD alumna Alicia Garza will be addressing graduates at the ceremonies.

The statement noted that graduating students will now have the option of attending commencement ceremonies in-person, with no more than two guests. All attendees must be either fully vaccinated or have had a negative COVID-19 test within 24 to 72 hours prior to the ceremony. Participants must also complete a symptom screener upon entry. UCSD said the event will follow health and safety measures as recommended by the Center for Disease Control, as well as state and county guidelines for travel and gatherings. 041b061a72


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