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[S1E1] To Bell Or Not To Bell

In the past, Spike Spiegel, under the sound of church bells, carries a bouquet of flowers down a street. The bouquet also has a gun inside, and he kills several men. When he runs out of bullets, he takes out a grenade and smiles.

[S1E1] To Bell or Not To Bell

In the present day, the Bebop is traveling through hyperspace near Mars. Jet has cooked his specialty, bell peppers and beef, while Spike finishes martial arts practice. During, Jet briefs Spike about their next target, Asimov Solensan, part of a syndicate who killed his own men to escape a confrontation between his group and an enemy syndicate. Spike isn't interested, and, instead, comments that dinner can't be called bell peppers and beef since there is no beef. Spike complains that they should have plenty of money from their last bounty, but Jet responds bluntly that Spike's reckless actions have cost them the whole amount since he had to use the money to pay for the damages he caused to the two cruiser ships and the medical bills for the critically injured police officer. Jet continues, noting the rumor that Solensan fled to an asteroid, Tijuana (aka TJ). Spike complains that he doesn't go after "small fries", judging by Asimov's crime and bounty price (2.5 million Woolongs, but Jet convinces him they need this bounty by reminding Spike that the "carnitas [on Tijuana] are out of this world!"

While the ISSP is now actively searching for Asimov, as well as the syndicate men, Spike then stages a fake drug deal with Asimov at the Denis bar. He reveals he took the vial from Asimov and destroys it in front of him. They get into a hand-to-hand fight, but with Asimov only partially feeling the effects of the drug he took earlier, Spike overpowers him. Katerina almost shoots Spike, but the former gang members show up and interrupt the fight, causing Asimov and Katerina to run away and hijack a bystander's zipcraft. Before Katerina boards, however, she is shot in the belly and her apparently pregnant stomach is revealed to actually be the stash of red eye vials. Asimov yells at her, shocking her.

Take the pry bar and canteen from the trunk then press to back out. Read the sign but ignore ringing the bell and just walk forward. Continue until you see a walker on the right side past some barrels. When it's close enough you'll see some combat actions appear, press to stun it to its knees then to finish it off. This is how you should kill walkers you come across because pressing just without stunning it first takes a little bit longer and requires you to button mash.

Continue on to find your traps sabotaged and you'll recommend to the group to go to the train station (from the beginning of the episode) to look for some food. When you arrive, examine the train car and the bell, and Louis will get on top of the cart to distract zombies while you sneak your way to the barrels, stunning/killing a couple walkers along the way. Once AJ and Violet join you and Louis distracts the walkers some more, you'll enter the house again to collect some food until an unexpected guest arrives. Choose whatever options you'd like and you'll hurry back to the school.

House of the Dragon next cuts to Princess Rhaenyra arriving late to a meeting, where King Viserys I makes it clear that he believes his wife, Queen Emma, will give birth to a son rather than a daughter. Prince Daemon Targaryen sits on the throne when his niece Princess Rhaenyra warns such behavior could count as treason. As the bell rings, King Viserys has his people inspect a heavy cut on his back that refuses to heal. 041b061a72


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