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Buying Designer Handbags On Ebay

I'm planning to sell designer handbags on eBay as that's my passion, it's something I have begun thinking about. However, I am trying to figure out if I want to sell them from wholesalers like Queen Bee of Beverly Hills, Silk Avenue Ltd, and Brands Gateway as well as buying on clearance from places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls and other places that sell discount designer and reselling them at their retail price or reasonably lower at fixed price or if I want to instead sell pre-owned designer bags for auction and source them by winning ebay auctions that ship from Japan or China or any listings that end with a reasonably lower bid price and resell on eBay with a starting bid of $0.99. I know that counterfeiting can be a problem on eBay and that buying from places like Japan or China could be a risk, however I know that eBay beats on counterfeits hard and makes it easier to minimize the risk of buying counterfeit goods. The reason I like the idea of buying at auction for a lower price and reselling is because I think that most eBay buyers looking to buy designer handbags online are looking for the best deals and a starting bid price of $0.99 would possibly drive the bid price up, but there's the risk of selling it for way less than it's worth that way and I'm not sure that it's a good idea to use a reserved price auction. Somehow it just seems like buying pre-owned in good condition and reselling at auction would be a better go. I would use Auctiva's pro package and other seller tools, but there's certainly always that risk. I understand that I will need to establish a positive selling history as I get going. What I would like to know is, what sounds like the better option to you or what sounds like the best strategy? Has anyone here sold designer bags on eBay? Thanks.

buying designer handbags on ebay

Yes there is a risk buying a possible counterfeit from China. You would not want to be in a position where you get people making not as described and counterfeit claims on here so I would not source these there. If you are considering selling extremely high end designer bags, use Ebay authenticate a new service offered by them where you send them the bag and they authenticate it and sell it for you. These bags run ito the thousands so I am not sure that is what you are into. You reduce your risks of buyers claiming fake and buyer have more confidence in buying. There is a fee for this service.

OP, you should read about ebay's money back guarantee and then consider how it would apply to you as a seller. The read the boards about scams - and you could narrow it to scams and designer handbags.

We have bought literally hundreds of designer bags and luxury items to resell (hence this blog) and so we know a thing or two about the industry. (Actually, check out our 7 tips for buying authentic designer handbags on eBay here)

I have been a full-time eBay seller for more than 5 years and have been selling designer handbags (and other luxury goods) for the past three. While we specialize in importing authentic used Louis Vuitton bags from Japan, we sell buy and sell bags of all sorts and at all price levels.

As we all make an effort to shop (and live) more sustainably, it might not surprise you to know that the pre-loved fashion market is booming. I'm not just talking about the rise of rental platforms and secondhand services, nor am I solely referencing the vintage sellers currently enjoying enormous success thanks to super-famous clients like Rihanna. It's designer handbags which are really having a moment, with some consignment stores selling bags with eye-watering price tags on social media.

But not everyone can, or indeed wants to shell out a cool few thousand pounds for a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. That's where eBay has always come in. The global online marketplace has long provided an easy-to-use, accessible space for bag lovers to buy and sell handbags from some of their favourite designers in the mere click of a button.

I've never purchased a high-end watch or designer handbag on eBay, but I have made many successful purchases on the site in the past. My personal purchases mostly include collectible sneakers and rare BMW car parts, and much of my confidence in buying those things came from my own expertise.

In conclusion, buying a designer bag on eBay can be a great experience if you do your research beforehand. Only buy from trusted sellers and if you still have doubts, authenticate your bag once it arrives.

Hi, This is good information for the purchase of post 1984 Chanel bags. I have purchased two pristine authentic Chanel bags from a consignment store that were pre 1984 and bags prior to 1984 do not come with authenticity cards or serial numbers. Scammers also provide fake authenticity cards so I would not rely solely on the cards. If someone is serious about a new designer bag, I would suggest examining the real deal before trying venturing onto ebay.

The auction site eBay just installed a first-of-its-kind luxury handbag machine with a "lust-worthy" selection of designer handbags from its marketplace in Dumbo, Brooklyn (and Silver Lake, Los Angeles).

Shop luxury handbags at and learn more about eBay's authentication offering for watches, sneakers, and handbags at For more, follow the conversation with @eBay on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

If you need to know how to sell designer handbags for cash, keep reading! I've done my fair share of luxury handbag selling after downgrading my once large Chanel handbag collection. A collection I built up after saving over $100,000.

My handbag buying experience taught me a lot of lessons. These days, I'm a more conservative designer handbag buyer. I have a small but well-used collection, and I've even purchased a few pre-owned ones (or as I like to call them, preloved) from online consignment stores in excellent condition.

Fashionphile is a popular destination with influencers. It's also one of my favorites because they have a really great online reputation and a great selection. While handbags are their main focus, they also sell designer small leather goods, jewelry, and a small selection of unworn designer shoes.

Although the bargains are myriad, it's worth exercising some caution. Some of the designer handbags will be more Canal Street than Bond Street: ensure your purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity, which all real designer handbags include. For many sellers, eBay is their primary source of income, meaning they really sell their stuff hard, typing in pages of superlatives, adding catwalk pics and photos of their wares from different angles. Only a small proportion of the clothes on offer are current season (although many claim to be) and beware of listings like "this skirt is identical to Stella McCartney's" when it's really from H&M. 041b061a72


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