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Where To Buy Forever Stamps

Forever Stamps were created by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in 2007. They are non-denominational First Class postage, which means that they can be used to mail First Class letters no matter what the postal rate. For example, in 2013 it cost $0.46 to mail a normal-sized letter weighing one ounce or less to an address within the United States. In 2014, the rate increased to $0.49. Customers who purchased Forever Stamps in 2013 at the rate of $0.46 each may still use those stamps to mail their First Class letters today without adding additional postage to the envelope.

where to buy forever stamps


Regular stamps differ from Forever Stamps in that they are printed in different denominations. For example, there are 1-cent, 2-cent, 3-cent, 5 cent and 10-cent stamps. You can also buy an additional ounce stamp, which costs 24 cents.

Because the U.S. Postal Service has raised its rates on stamps twice in 2021 and 2022, equaling a rate hike of about 6.5% overall, it makes sense to wonder if Forever Stamps could be a good investment if rates continue to rise at a steady pace. For example, if you bought 1,500 Forever Stamps at 60 cents today, which equals $900, and the price increased to 70 cents in the next couple of years, you could potentially make $150 if you sold those 1,500 stamps at the then current rate.

It's no secret that widespread use of email and the shift to online banking have taken a toll on the post office. People need fewer stamps for letters and bills these days, and businesses can reach customers more affordably and efficiently with email instead of junk mail.

Simply put, Forever postage stamps are valid forever. Known generically as non-denominated postage or non-value indicator (NVI) postage stamps, they do not show a monetary value. The U.S. Postal Service debuted its first Forever stamp in 2007. They are valid on First Class letters.

Not showing the monetary value on the stamp does not mean it is free; it simply means that you can still use it when the cost of postage increases without having to stick additional stamps on your envelope.

The main reasoning behind USPS offering this type of postage stamp is that it can reduce the costs to print excess top-up stamps. These low-value stamps (at values of one cent or two cents) supplement old stamps that no longer equal the current amount necessary for standard postage. These kinds of stamps often cost more to print than they are worth. USPS Forever stamps alleviate this need, which ultimately saves the postal service money.

In addition to creating some long-term cost savings, Forever stamps are very convenient. Gone are the days of running to the post office for a measly two-cent stamp or trying to determine what the current rates are and whether you have the same amount in standard stamps.

The best place to buy Forever stamps is at your local post office. If that option is too far away or inconvenient, you can also check your nearest grocery store, bank, pharmacy, or office supply store. Each of these locations should have Forever stamps in stock, as they are the most popular stamp option.

Other new Postal Service stamps for 2023 will honor author Toni Morrison, who died in 2019, and Chief Standing Bear, who secured a key legal victory in American Indians' fight for civil rights in the U.S.

Forever Stamps were launched by the Post Office in 2007 and "can be used to mail a one-ounce letter regardless of when the stamps are purchased or used and no matter how prices may change in the future." They are priced the same as First Class Mail stamps.

According to AARP, an advocacy organization for seniors, many of the scams took place on social media platforms like Facebook, auction site eBay, and sundry illicit websites. Popular stamps that have been faked have been those bearing the U.S. flag and "numerous commemoratives including 'Love Skywriting' (2017), 'Hot Wheels' (2018), Cactus Flowers (2019) and Winter Scenes (2020)."

Like many scams, the counterfeit postage stamp scams took off around the winter holidays, but it's always good to be on the lookout. The Post Office recommends that those seeking to purchase stamps get them from an approved provider, which can be found using this search tool.

A short while ago, it seemed the U.S. Postal Service was hiking the price of postage stamps every year. That drove consumers to snap up "Forever" stamps, which are non-denominational and can be used even when stamp prices rise.

The U.S. Postal Service will lower the price of postage on Sunday, marking the first price cut for U.S. postage rates in 97 years. Customers who bought 49-cent stamps will see their value drop by 2 cents, or 4 percent. The postal service isn't making the reduction willingly, however: it was ordered by the Postal Regulatory Commission, the independent agency that oversees the U.S. Postal Service. The reduction is the culmination of a temporary surcharge that was enacted to help the postal service recoup losses after the recession.

In 1775, Benjamin Franklin was appointed first Postmaster General by the Continental Congress. This means that the United States Postal Service (USPS), in one shape or form, is even older than the United States itself. Our USPS Stamp Guide will cover where to buy stamps as well as a number of topics surrounding the history, purchase, and use of stamps.

Where can you buy postage stamps? Why, at the post office of course! The best and most convenient place to buy postage stamps is at your local US post office. They will have stamps available for various envelope sizes and someone there who can answer any of your questions regarding postal services.

Stamp collectors are known as philatelists. Collectible stamps can be purchased in-person at antique stores and at specialty booths in markets. There are also plenty of online resources, such asThe American Philatelic Society, Delcampe, Arpin Philately, and Postbeeldthat are dedicated to the buying and selling of collectible stamps.

The nice part about ordering stamps online is that you can choose from a selection of commemorative designs and specialty patterns. Many designed stamps are the same price as regular stamps whilst highlighting anything from The First Moon Landing, to Woodstock, to Sesame Street, to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Kroger has USPS postage stamps available for purchase any day of the week, with many locations open late or 24/7. One downside to Kroger is that they do not sell individual stamps, but booklets and sheets are available. Similar to Walmart, Kroger has the added benefit of offering a variety of other stationery supplies.

While there are not a lot of banks or ATMs that have stamps available for purchase, there are some that do. This is sometimes a frustrating experience, as the banks that do sell stamps do not have them available at every branch or ATM. Both Wells Fargo and US Bank are two banks known to carry postage stamps.

The number of stamps you put on letters or packages depends on the envelope size and its weight. If you don't have the time to go to a post office before calculating how many stamps you need, here's a guide that will help you.

There's no easy answer to how many stamps your mail item needs because it's dependent on many different things such as weight, size, and the receiver's location. In most cases, a single postage stamp will suffice to mail a letter. That changes for irregularly shaped envelopes, heavy envelopes, or oversized envelopes.

When figuring out how many stamps you need to mail your letter or postcard, your postage costs will depend on the shape and size of your mail. If your envelope isn't flat, it won't fit in automated processing equipment, and you will be charged more.

The U.S. Postal Service has an online store of its stamp collection where you can purchase as many stamps as you'd like. Or there are other online retailers, such as, that sell stamps and allow you to buy and print postage from your home.

The standard stamp book for first-class mail postage includes 20 first-class stamps that can be applied to envelopes and also on first-class postage. You can also purchase Forever Stamps, which also have 20 stamps in a book. Each year the USPS releases a 64-page book called Collective Stamp Book.

Postage costs depend on the mail item size. Stamp prices for standard postage start at $0.40 for the standard-sized, rectangular postcard; the cost of a stamp for a regular envelope starts at $0.58; oversized postcards need stamps that start at $0.58; and oversized, square, or unusual envelope stamps start at $0.88. For large envelopes and small packages, prices range between $1.16 and $4.50. You will pay extra for nonstandard packages. For sizes between 22 and 30 inches long, add an additional $4.00 to costs. For packages longer than 30 inches and 2 cubic feet, there will be an additional fee of $15.00.

For example, Susan in York sent this email: "I have seen many ads for rolls and sheets of USPS forever postage stamps for sale on Facebook. They run from $19.99 to $39.99 for 100 stamps. Are these usable? Many people including myself have ordered them and they do come, but is it legal to use them?"

The Postal Service recommends that you buy stamps from approved vendors. That can include legitimate big-box or warehouse retailers who do provide small discounts on postage stamps, but that is through resale agreements with the Postal Service.

Postage stamps help you ship postcards, letters, invoices, checks, etc. But you may wonder where to buy stamps in your locality, primarily if the Post Office is far away from your home or office address.

Congress authorized the first set of USPS postage stamps in 1847 when they went on sale. More people started asking- where to buy stamps near me and how. Luckily, the Post Office made it simple for the public to access its services and buy stamps for 5c and 10c.

With the increasing mailing requirements of people and companies, you can buy stamps from several places. The list of stores or retailers selling stamps can differ for every state or city! But the process is simple and quick, allowing you to access them at your fingertips. 041b061a72


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