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X2 Energy Tea Where To Buy WORK

Zest Tea promotes energy and alertness with caffeine levels that rival coffee and amino acids that help your body avoid the jitters and boost brainpower. Pyramid tea bags and loose leaf tea come in four flavors: Cinnamon Apple Black Tea, a fruity Blue Lady Black Tea, Earl Grey Black Tea, and Pomegranate Mojito Green Tea. Each serving contains approximately 150 mg of caffeine. Added incentive: Zest Tea was named Best New Product at the 2015 World Tea Expo!

x2 energy tea where to buy

Many energy drinks on the market today contain all kinds of refined sugars and artificial ingredients, causing many people to experience an energy crash. Because of the ingredients in such drinks they are often overly sweet and have strange artificial flavors.

Concerned with the excessive use of and dependence on performance-enhancing drugs, our founder, Dr. Ralph Ferrante, committed himself to developing a natural alternative to dangerous products and banned substances. Leveraging his background in sports science, Dr. Ralph worked with a team of scientists and researchers to investigate the ability to enhance human performance naturally. His work led to a focus on ATP, the molecule found in every cell of the body that is essential for energy.

We spent nearly 10 years in continual research and development of our patented performance-enhancing composition, X2PERFORMANCE Natural Sports Energy. This product enhances ATP generation and regeneration to optimize physical performance, and has proven itself with professional athletes of the highest levels in all the major sports.From there we created X2, a great tasting, all-natural energy drink for all day, every day, healthy living.

Lastly, X2 contains cane sugar and glucose, natural sugars that are fast-burning energy sources, combined with pure honey, a slow-burning energy component that gives you a longer, more sustainable boost of vitality.

I started out by drinking a can of the low caloric mixed berry formula. At only 10 grams of carbohydrates and 40 calories, it suited my energy needs as a Type I diabetic, sans the sky-high blood sugar raising effect.

The global energy drinks market size is anticipated to reach USD 84.70 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7.3% from 2018 to 2026 according to a new report published by Polaris Market Research.

But, although consumers appreciate the boost energy drinks provide, they are concerned about their high sugar content, artificial and unknown ingredients that may produce unwanted effects (jitters and crash) and have an unpleasant taste.

Chase redesigned the X2 brand from the ground up with the goal of capturing the natural flow of energy that X2 delivers. New energy wave graphics, modern typography, and a clear hierarchy comprise the new brand look while the new logo is bold, distinctive and achieves the stature that the previous logo was lacking.

Energy drinks have been around for a long time. And we all know just where to find those appealing tin cans in the refrigerator section, promising a caffeine boost to get you through the day - or the next few hours at least. What they don't advertise is the jitters that can come with consuming them, or the intense crash that happens as they wears off.

After ten years of extensive research and product development, X2 hit shelves in 2015. This science-based, modern approach to energy drinks is made with all-natural ingredients you will actually recognize like green tea, pure honey and antioxidants.

"X2 All-Natural Energy is the perfect energy drink for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. X2 delivers a sustained energy boost that is all natural, low in sugar, has no artificial ingredients, and uses only naturally derived caffeine from green tea, without any crash or jitters. In fact, eighteen professional sports teams use the professional version of X2 in their locker rooms."

In addition to pre-workout supplements, consumers can purchase X2 ENDURANCE natural energy drinks, which also offer clean ingredients for sustained energy. X2 differentiates itself from other energy drinks with its natural ingredients, non-carbonated formula, antioxidants and electrolytes.

X2 PERFORMANCE is a family of products whose patented formulation delivers sustained energy using a combination of only clean and effective ingredients engineered to optimize your natural potential. The product line includes X2 ENDURANCE natural energy drinks and X2 PERFORMANCE pre- + intra-workout supplements. X2 products are available at CVS Pharmacy and,, Subway, Amazon and on Learn more at and follow us on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook.

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X2 PERFORMANCE products use a patented combination of clean ingredients, which are scientifically proven, to deliver sustained performance through the generation and regeneration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is a natural molecule the body uses to provide energy. X2 is widely used by pro teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL.

Consumers can purchase X2 ENDURANCE natural energy drinks as well as X2 PERFORMANCE (the products, not the company). It also offers clean ingredients for sustained energy. X2 differentiates itself from other energy drinks with its natural ingredients, non-carbonated formula, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

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Analysis of different average consumption groups of study participants and their thoughts about the reasons for energy drink popularity, suitable energy drink replacements, and whether they attempted to quit drinking energy drinks

Yerba mate is known for its natural caffeine content, which provides an energy boost without the jittery feeling often associated with coffee or energy drinks. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a natural and healthy way to stay alert and focused throughout the day. Additionally, yerba mate is high in antioxidants, which can help to protect the body against oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals.

The reasons for all the buzz around X2 Performance is clean, natural ingredients and the patented formula developed around a molecule called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It works as the energy currency in the cells, and the X2 supplement enhances the generation and regeneration of ATP in the body.

The following is a notable list of energy drinks, with a few coffee variants, and some soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Pepsi listed for comparison, and marked in a different color. The caffeine content in coffee and tea varies, depending on how the coffee beans were roasted, among other factors. 041b061a72


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