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This dinnerware set was designed with basic intentions: to create high-quality dishes that you will simply love looking at. At Gibson, we believe the kitchen is the most important part of every home. With that in mind, we wanted to create a set that will add a pop of beauty to your cabinets and dining tables. The lipped rim on each plate is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows the dishes to stack gently on top of each other to conserve space in your cabinets. Enjoy an oversized 16 oz. mug for the long days that one cup of just isn't enough! With a diverse range of 8 colors featured in this Zuma line, there are plenty of opportunities to mix and match colors on your dining table. By paying close attention to our loyal customer's requests, we feel we have designed the ideal dinnerware set for today's consumers. Enjoy great value and stylish design with this dinnerware set!

Radiographs of 236 patients who underwent total hip replacement (THR) were evaluated for heterotopic bone formation. There was no significant difference in the presence and degree of ossification in patients with and without diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH). The authors conclude that DISH is not a significant risk factor in the development of heterotopic bone formation following THR.

I have been using the replacement brush by itself without the handle and I really like it. The bristles are soft enough not to scratch my glass dishes and tough enough to scrub my pans. If the brush is wet for too long there is a mold smell, so I just soak the brush in boiling water and it cleans it right up.

There's no need to buy an entirely new brush just because your bristles are starting to look a little weary. This replacement head snaps right onto our dish brush so you can save money and be eco-conscious at the same time. Plus, it's completely bio-degradable and compostable, so when you're ready to chuck it and order a new one, you won't have to feel bad about filling up a landfill.

I've been hunting for just the right kitchen brush and I found it! The Lifetime Scrub Brush fits perfectly in my hand and has the correct angle for washing dishes, etc., and the best part is the brush head is replaceable! This company has great customer service too!

I have the metal brush handle. The brush heads are stiff enough to remove stuck on food from plates, way better than the flimsy plastic brushes I had been using. The brush heads also appear to last pretty long. We hang our brush upside down over the sink after using so it can dry out. Our current brush head has lasted at least 4 months and is still going strong. I like it enough that I recently purchased 10 replacement brush heads, so I should be set for a few years. The brush heads also work well without the metal handle. I use a spare one as a veggie scrubber.

Did you break your Scentsy candle warmer dish or Lid?. We understand accidents happen and that is why we carry the Scentsy replacement dish and lids. Some of our dishes are universal so if your having trouble finding the right one for your favorite Scentsy Candle Warmer, know that we are here to help you! Contact us today, lets keep the scent flowing!

We carry a full range of replacement / additional Pyrex dishes for the current 'Hostess' Range of Hostess Trolleys and Side Servers. and in addition to this we are always on the lookout for dishes for discontinued 4 dish models, and usually have these in stock (please see below or email us to check availability).

Now no need to pay for lids that you don't want as we introduce compatible dishes for sale on their own. After leading the way with other spares manufactured and only available through HTW we thought it was only right to bring you a fresh approach to the availibility of the glassware.

Suitable for 3 Dish Models of Hostess Trolleys and Table Top Side Servers these replacement compatible size with original Pyrex Dishes measure 25cms x 20cms and have a capacity of 1.5 litres, They can also be


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