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Buy Outdoor Sauna

For the full rundown on all things sauna, read on as we answer common questions and dive into details in our comprehensive guide to owning a sauna at home. If you're simply looking for recommendations on the best outdoor sauna to buy, scroll on down to the bottom.

buy outdoor sauna

Depending on the size of the room, there is at least one bench in a sauna, sometimes two, with an ergonomic backrest where users can choose to sit lower for lower heat, or higher up to experience a hotter temperature since the radiant heat and humidity rise to the top of the sauna. The same idea goes for how close a user is in proximity to the sauna heater or stone stove.

When considering a sauna for your home, cabin, cottage, etc, the power source is key. Wood burning saunas are fun and romantic, but can be a pain to monitor while they heat up (plus you have to be proficient at building fires and have quality firewood on hand). The experience of heating of your own sauna with wood you chopped is certainly one not to miss. And the smell of a fire while in a cedar sauna is impossible to beat.

There are two options for purchasing your own home or backyard sauna: prefab saunas (professionally designed, precisely cut, and partially assembled upon delivery) or a custom-made sauna. While a custom sauna provides much more freedom for fitting a sauna into your space, thanks to modern day designs, a prefab sauna kit can be relatively easy to install.

Whether purchasing for your home's backyard or to elevate the coziness of a cabin in the woods, a sauna is an investment you won't regret making. Of course, the style, size, and type of sauna that's right for you will depend on many different factors. Do your due diligence. In the meantime, the following are our top picks for the best home saunas, selected to offer a variety of styles. Enjoy!

What an epic name, Leisure Craft. Available in a range of sizes and styles, we especially love the panorama barrel sauna for its aesthetic design, efficiency, and of course, big bubble window that invites the outdoors in. Each USA-made kit is made from durable western red cedar and arrives ready to assemble in 4-6 hours with minimal tools. Prices start at $4,000 USD and work up to $13,500 for larger models.

For an extremely luxe option, these sleek prefab saunas are available with a wood fired or electric heating source and are clad in high-quality cedar on the interior and a black cedar siding on the exterior. The Aire+ is big enough to fit six people, plus, the a small porch with an overhang for cooling off, or an option to add a shower. The price is $47,000 USD.

Hudson Valley-based Den caters to those looking for a more DIY approach to the sauna experience, offering sauna plans for those looking to build their own. Best part is, plans start at just $199 and are styled in the same sleek modern design as their A-Frame cabin plans. The Den sauna features separate changing and sauna rooms and is configurable for on or off-grid locations, and does not include the additional cost of materials and labor.

An igloo-esque shape puts a fun and unique twist on the typical sauna design. Available in a single, double, or triple size, you can also customize your sauna by choosing the interior and exterior paint color as well as the heat source. Starts at $12,000 USD.

You can customize your sauna with various options and accessories, including different types of heaters, windows, paint, and more. We also offer a custom outdoor sauna building service that is designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

All our products are shipped from our warehouse in New Jersey. We guarantee the curbside delivery of your sauna kit with no damage. If you have any special requests, or you wish to pick it up yourself, just let us know when you place your order.

If you do not feel comfortable assembling the sauna kit yourself, our trained and experienced installation crew is more than happy to install the kit for you. As part of our installation services, we offer to return after six months once the structure has settled into the new environment to ensure it is level and all the doors and windows are in good working condition.

A larger diameter allows the sauna benches to be installed higher, and also allows for two-level seating. Two-level seating is a great option when the sauna is being used by children, and people who enjoy different heat temperatures.

SaunaFin's pre-fab oudoor saunas are built from the highest quality 2 x 6 Westerm Red Cedar. All custom profiled using the latest CNC machinery to provide a perfect fit. The Barrel, Pod and Luna are available in both Clear and Knotty western red cedar. The Outdoor Cabin, Panoramic and Pure Vision come only in Clear cedar.

Depending on the model, benches come with traditional two tier configuration or single tier opposing layout.All outdoor saunas are available with a bench styles, heater selections and many other options.

The BARREL SAUNA is as it sounds. A round barrel shape distinctive style made exclusively for outdoor use. While available as an option, the barrel shape and construction mean there is no need for a roof.

The PANORAMIC VIEW BARREL SAUNA is a twist on the original barrel with a view. One end of the barrel has full size acrylic bubble providing spectacular views of your outdoor landscapes.

The POD SAUNA is derived from the barrel concept. These oval, rain-drop shaped outdoor saunas provide additional a head-space in the walking area. The Pod saunas come standard with two rows of single tier benches, but the extra height allows for back wall to have traditional two-tier benches.(Mini Pod is smaller and comes only with single tier L benches.)

The barrel sauna concept is the ideal outdoor sauna. Simple, practical and beautiful. Your choice of either Knotty or Clear Western Red Cedar barrel saunas Barrel saunas have 1-1/2" thick walls for natural insulation and the barrel design gives you a much smaller heating area than a rectangular sauna, with plenty of room for bathers. Ideal by the pool or at the cottage. A healthy and enjoyable space that generations will enjoy.

We are very excited to introduce the all NEW Panoramic View Sauna with a top of the line Western Red Cedar Barrel. This gorgeous view has an acrylic bubble back wall within the sauna. This one of a kind sauna is roomy and has a view that ultimately helps you reduce stress and feel relaxed after a long day. Barrel saunas have 1-1/2" thick walls for natural insulation and can carry on for a long period of time.

The Luna sauna offers a modern and unique styling for your sauna. An attention grabbing full glass front is ideal for an outdoor cedar sauna for your home or cottage, offering spectacualr views of your backyard, or the lake. Used indoors, it is ideal for those who may feel a bit claustrophobic or want a bit mmore attention grabbing. The gentlyy rounded corners not only have added appeal but gives you lots of space on the interior of the Luna Sauna. The beautiful Canadian Western Red Cedar is beautiful, long lasting and has the aroma that we all love.

In a nutshell, there are no outdoor material kits. The only real difference between an outdoor sauna material package and our standard material package is the location. The sauna kit is basically the inside "skin" of the sauna. Many outdoor saunas are built into a portion of cabana or "bunky".

You or your contractor will build the outside structure and we provide the sauna portion as a kit. The kit we supply includes the inside materials; including the vapor barrier, cedar lining, benches, door, molding, heater, etc.

Saunafin, a leading sauna company in North America, specializes in high-quality indoor saunas, outdoor saunas, sauna heaters, sauna material kits, sauna accessories and steam bath generators. We partner with some of the leading manufacturers from the USA and Canada to bring you the best in home saunas and the best value.

The SaunaFin difference also comes from our experience and expertise. We've been in the sauna business for over 40 years and have installed and sold thousands of saunas across North America. We know what works, what doesn't, and how to get you the best bang for your buck. 041b061a72


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