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Sweet Tentacles By May Fly

The primary purpose of this algorithm is to let the robot move within an unknown environment in a way similar to how a beetle crawls around and uses its antennae to avoid obstacles. Indeed, the basic idea consists of using a set of virtual antennae called tentacles that probe an ego-centred occupancy grid.

Sweet Tentacles by May Fly

Set the crash distance lc, which depends on the speed v, a deceleration a and a security distance ls:(12)In the end, one best tentacle is selected as the expected trajectory with the three functions: vclearance,vflatness,vtrajectory. The vclearance depends on the distance to the first obstacle lo, the vflatness has the goal to prefer tentacles leading over smooth terrain, and the vtrajectory pushes the vehicle towards following a given trajectory. The three function can be combined with different weight:(13)where a1,a2,a3 are the weighting coefficients. The Rule B of tentacle selection is as follows:

Problem 2: The basic tentacle algorithm in Ref. [25] is applied to an autonomous robot although this algorithm needs to be modified on a UAV platform. The velocity of the UAV is much greater than the autonomous robot. So the radius of each tentacle should be greater to match the velocity. Meanwhile, this change results that most tentacles gather in a small area, so that many neighbouring tentacles will provide the same curvature. Thus, the number of tentacles in one speed set should be reduced so as to enhance the ability of real time computation for UAVs.

Problem 2: Because the speed sets and tentacles in one speed set are reduced and reconstructed, the influence of computation load in real time computation become insignificant. It ensures the modified tentacle algorithm meet the requirement of the real time computation for UAVs(Problem 2).

This paper proposes the modified tentacle algorithm for the formation flight and collision avoidance of multiple UAVs. It concludes that the two problems for applying the conventional tentacle algorithm to the high-speed UAV in unstructured environments: (1) the data calculation problem and (2) the application problem. To solve Problem 1, it modified the tentacle algorithm to rapidly match the radius of each tentacle and the steering command by using the inverse derivation. To solve Problem2, it reduced and reconstructed the speed sets and tentacles in one speed set. By converting global path optimization into local searching, the best tentacle is selected to quickly obtain the UAV collision avoidance path. Consequently, the overall formation flight and collision avoidance mission are guaranteed simultaneously, so that the high-speed UAV formation can avoid collision in unstructured environments through applying our collision avoidance method. The simulation results in two scenarios do indeed confirm the feasibility and effectiveness of the method. The results also show that the multiple UAVs can cope with other collision threats coming from other UAVs in the formation and unknown obstacles. Multiple-UAV formation flight and collision avoidance can be achieved by data calculation at every moment. Therefore, the collision avoidance method can effectively compute in real time the collision avoidance of multiple high-speed UAVs under unstructured environments.

The cobra lily's snake-like beauty hides a pit of horrors. Lured into the pitcher by sweet-smelling nectar, bugs find themselves lost in a maze of false exits. Few make it out alive. Instead, it's down the slippery tube to a small pool of bacteria-rich water, where the bugs become plant food.

Some carnivorous plants have a rather creative way of getting their nutrient fix. The Nepenthes lowii pitcher plant in Borneo attracts tree shrews with sweet nectar. If they need to relieve themselves while eating, the shrews are perfectly positioned on the pitcher plant. Gross? Not for the plants, which get between 57 percent and 100 percent of their nitrogen from shrew poop.

This plant gets its name from the goblet or pitcher shape of its large purple leaves. These leaves can hold water and are the death trap to insects. Glands in the outside surface of the leaf produce nectar which attracts insects. At the top of the leaf, the glands are so numerous that the leaf is wet and slippery. An insect attracted to the sweet nectar will quickly lose its footing and slip hopelessly into the bottom of the pitcher. Escape is impossible because the inside of the leaf is lined with stiff hairs which point downward, preventing an insect from crawling out. The fluid in the leaf contains digestive enzymes. The more insects which fall into the trap, the more enzymes the plant produces. Nitrogen from the insects is taken in through the walls of the leaf and used throughout the plant.

Each leafblade is covered with tentacles. At the tip of each tentacle is a round, red gland which produces a clear, sticky fluid called mucilage. These moist droplets sparkling in the sun light may be what attracts insects, since sundews do not produce nectar.

Once an insect is caught on the sticky mucilage, nearby tentacles bend toward it, pushing the victim toward the central zone of the leaf where more digestive glands are located. In some cases, the insect is completely wrapped in the leaf. The glands secrete enzymes which combine with a weak acid in the mucilage and digest the victim within 24 to 48 hours. After this process is complete, the tentacles return to their original position.

Adhesive traps lure insects and other small prey with sweet, sticky droplets that look like nectar or dewdrops. Small insects are immobilised by the sticky slime and larger victims may struggle to break free, coating themselves further in the mucilage - death is usually indirect, via suffocation.

Korosensei has the appearance of a yellow octopus. He is about three meters tall and possessed a large, bulbous head with a large smile that rarely breaks or moves and small, beady eyes. He uses two tentacles as arms, each having two feelers as fingers, and utilized the rest of seemingly jelly-like limbs - his tentacles - to walk. Korosensei has a pair of hidden nostrils, which make him appear to have four eyes if detected. Due to his constant grinning, he can change his color depending on his emotions.

However, after meeting Aguri Yukimura, he finally knew what compassion really was--becoming much more kind and compassionate. According to Aguri, if he was born in a peaceful country, he would be "a little lecherous, smart, klutzy, kind of stingy, and stubborn" and he would smile because he is a genuinely a kind person.[3] This prediction happens to reflect his personality; which became forefront after he answered the tentacles.

Korosensei loved sweets almost to extreme cases,[5] and was also shown to be a very perverted character, a trait he shares with his student Okajima. This characteristic was revealed to be the side effect of the experimentation which made him unable to hide his true feelings.

Later he questions Kimura of which one of his four tentacles is the weird one, which Kimura responds that the blue tentacle is the odd one, and Korosensei is then pleased with his correct answer. He then catches a bullet with his chalk. He becomes red and punishes Nakamura, saying that her assassination meddles with her study. When lunchtime starts, Korosensei decides to go to China, while grading his student's tests. Korosensei later came back with a missile souvenir after having been ambushed by the self-defense in the Sea of Japan. Nagisa asks him if it was troublesome that he was targeted, but Korosensei tells him that he doesn't mind, and that it shows proof of his vast power.

During the semester, Korosensei had been challenged to a duel against the second transfer student Itona Horibe, accompanied by the mysterious Shiro. To his and everyone's surprise, Horibe has the same tentacle implants as Korosensei which explains why Horibe had earlier called Korosensei his 'brother'. Although visually disturbed by Itona's tentacles and the well planned strategies devised by Shiro, Korosensei outmaneuvers the pair and defeats Itona. Before Korosensei could get any answers regarding Itona's tentacles the pair retreated but not before vowing to return. The pair kept their vow and returned to ambush Korosensei but he was rescued by the students who were none too pleased that they were used and almost killed indirectly by Shiro.

With the finals approaching Korosensei motivates the class into getting first place in any of the five subjects, with the reward being that they have the right to shoot off one of his tentacles. Knowing that this will slow down his speed, the class takes up the challenge enthusiastically, but also got drawn into a wager with Class A. The results show that Rio Nakamura, Yūma Isogai and Manami Okuda scored first place in English, Social Studies and Science respectively. However Korosensei has been conned to have four additional tentacles destroyed when Terasaka, Hazama, Muramatsu and Yoshida tied for first place in Home Economics, a subject Korosensei tried unsuccessfully to disregard as not being a core subject. The class's plan is to attempt their ambitious assassination on a holiday island resort in Okinawa, which was the prize for winning their wager with Class A.

Arriving on the island resort, Korosensei participates in many activities with the class seemingly not knowing the true purpose of his students' agenda ahead of the assassination. At the end of the day Korosensei has been sun burnt to the point that no one can read his burnt black face. He sheds his skin as his monthly routine but unwittingly weakens himself and wasted one of his defense measures. The class then makes him watch an embarrassing film of his antics and unusual hobbies as a way to mentally weaken him. When it finishes he realizes too late of the high tide as the seven shoot off his tentacles. From there, his surroundings change dramatically as the students trap him in a hydraulic water cage and fire anti-sensei BBs all around him. As he senses two BBs fired by Chiba and Hayami, Korosensei was forced to use his last resort, turning himself into a ball with an unbreakable shield surrounding him at the cost of forsaking his mobility. 041b061a72


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