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IS THERE AN UNIVERSAL STANDARD for Promise Rings For Couples looks?

No one can tell you the exact design of a promise-ring because there isn't a standard design or shape. The promise rings are as unique as the future owners of them. The contemporary jewelry industry, and the craftsmen who make these rings, provide endless creativity and elegance.

There are some helpful suggestions to help you select the ideal style and dimension of engagement rings.

In general, these rings should be discrete and slim. They can be worn in a variety of ways and should not appear too extravagant to overshadow the engagement or wedding ring. The rest is yours to choose. If you're thinking about which finger has the ring of promise, this is the information you need to know. You can also find some basic answers.


If the engagement ring is huge such as a large diamond solitaire, or another stone that is surrounded by smaller stones (think about the famous sapphire engagement ring of the Duchess Cambridge), then an engagement ring that compliments it could have smaller diamonds. A band with a starry diamond drop looks elegant on its own, and works well with other rings.


These are the most versatile designs. They are often unisex, and are available in sets that are identical, so you can clearly demonstrate your relationship with another person. You can choose from a silver or gold band ring or a bimetal rings with yellow gold outer edges and white gold middle pieces. The only drawback is that these rings may be mistaken for wedding rings. Therefore, your promise ring finger must be different from the ring finger in order to prevent confusion.


It's a fashionable and sensible way to choose a promise ring. If your loved one is in the spiritual realm and knows their birthstone (or the Zodiac stone or the lucky stone for that matter) You can confidently purchase a ring with this stone. These stones are common gemstones like opals and moonstones. You can find rings with small pieces of these stones. The ring can have a double meaning to the owner. She could explain to people what the ring on the hand represents without revealing personal information.


A ring with a few sparkling stones looks as beautiful as a large diamond. However, this delicacy is more subtle than one stone and is more suited to be paired with larger and bolder rings. You can opt for an array of identical stones that look like a single gemstone until viewed from a distance or you can opt for an interesting mix of light and dark stones that look like a mosaic.


Signet rings have been popular in recent years, and they still hold their position. You won't regret one with a smaller seal.

Rings with heart-shaped elements

Why not incorporate the heart into your engagement ring as symbol of love? It could come in the shape of a heart-shaped stone, a faceplate that has the heart shape or pendant, or even a band featuring a heart on the front. It will be a stylish and original piece.


Why not get your ring engraved, should you be able to afford it? You can pick a pattern with a special meaning for you both, a love phrase or a line from your favorite song.


In addition to the chiseled-looking rings, the textured rings look interesting when light strikes them at different angles. The possibilities are endless. It could be brushed or hammered. It can have patterns on it. Or, it could be faceted rings. These rings are distinctive and immediately catch the eye. Therefore, choose a narrow band that won't create an unintentional statement the moment you or your loved one enters the room.

12 COMMON MYTHS AND Clichés About Promise Rings Examined and Dispelled

Promise rings are the subject of nearly as many prejudices and myths as wedding rings. To help you get over the apprehension, we have collected and eliminated the most common of them.

Promise rings are not a point They don't care ABOUT ANYTHING.

This isn't the case. From this perspective any symbol or gift that are shared with one another, have no meaning, as it is not the wedding ring which symbolizes the union however, it is an event and a place in the registry book. A promise ring is a tangible form of vows to be made during the wedding ceremony. The promise ring on your finger signifies that you've understood your partner and she wants to spend the remainder of her life with you.


There's nothing childish about them. Teenagers are also capable of falling in love, particularly those who are older and close to the age of legalization. You can also get an engagement ring. These rings will show that you intend to marry when the time is right. It's not a joke, but it's an entirely viable alternative to engagement, even if engagement isn't (yet) an option.

Promise rings can bring unhappy times OR HARMFUL THE COUPLE.

Nope. No one has ever said that engagement rings are bad luck. Rings are a symbol of promise and love - promise of the moment. Absolutely nothing more and nothing less. If you are still hesitant for some reason, do not show the ring in front of anyone or inform them that you don't want anyone to know about your plans. Let's suppose that you learned this magic trick from an old wise fortune-teller at the town's festival.


Says who? Why? No, seriously, why? Who is the originator of this belief? What is wrong with an honest promise to get married? The engagement part with all the meticulously staged photo shoots and family gatherings is foolish too, with that kind of mindset. So, let this myth be shattered for ever.


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