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Buy Hair Salon Equipment !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Opening a hair salon is super exciting, but it can be hard to keep track of everything you need without a hair salon equipment list. The experts at Buy-Rite put together a hair salon equipment list to help you stay organized and ensure that you have everything you need for a successful grand opening!

buy hair salon equipment

Depending on the services you provide, you may want to add equipment for pedicures, manicures, waxing, facials, and massage services to your hair salon equipment list. Are you working with a small space? There are several equipment options for each of these services, many of which are portable!

At Buy-Rite Beauty, we know that purchasing professional wholesale salon equipment, furniture, and supplies is just one step in turning your dream into a reality. If you are looking for inspiration to help solidify your vision, take a look at some of the hair salons, spas, and barbershops designed and outfitted by our team.

Our high-quality salon and barber chairs are built with steel framing and durable bases holding up to 450 lbs. We ensure our products are durable, safe, and comfortable for your employees and clients.

Keller's unbeatable customer support aids our lasting partnerships and keeps your beauty salon equipment working properly for years to come. Call-back tech support is available for those unpredictable bumps in the road.

Keller Team was incredibly responsive and helpful with a minor issue! I will definitely be a return customer. Quality of there products and the customer service has been one of the best! It was very nice being able to speak directly with a person instead of a computer. Thankyou Keller! We love our more

Keller team - you guys provide the best customer service in the industry and that goes above and beyond any thing! I had a request for couple of small parts of a chair I purchased couple years ago - Tracy and team took every effort to find and mail them ASAP with a very helpful instruction for replacing! Amazing!read more

Keller has killer customer service! Sadly, the original trolley that I received arrived damaged. My husband contacted Keller in regard to the damaged trolley and the time sensitive nature on which I required this item. The Keller team responded promptly and professionally. They were able to replace the damaged station and the replacement arrived 4 days later! Talk about FAST shipping! I simply cannot thank this team enough for helping us get this trolley in time. It's absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to show it off in the salon this week! My husband and I greatly appreciate the outstanding customer service that we received! Thank you again!read more

Keller has been supplying next-level barber and salon furnishings across the United States and Canada since 1999. Our brand focuses on creating affordable, unique designs to fit your modern or classically inspired style. Follow us on Instagram to be the first to know about new products and offerings.

Running your own business is stressful. There's always something to be done, someone to call, and a problem that needs to be fixed. As business owners, we understand the trials of running a business and the importance of making the smartest choices. Our experience has led us to build a company that sells salon equipment and salon furniture directly to our customers, eliminating markups by distributors and the hassle of communicating with layers of people.From our manicure tables to our shampoo stations, we only sell products that we believe in and that we view as high quality, practical, and comfortable for both the customer and the stylist or technician. Our styles of furniture and equipment range from plush and cozy, to sleek and modern, and everything in between.Whether you're running a nail salon, a high end hair salon, or a small barber shop, we have all the necessary tools and furniture to keep your business looking fresh. We also offer package deals on our equipment, as we understand the need to budget, and often have several items on sale in addition to our already affordable prices.Our products are not only limited to equipment for your technicians and customers, we also offer reception desks and chairs, allowing you to have a simple and efficient experience decorating your salon.Our goal is to make your life easier by offering all the hair and nail salon equipment you could need in one place. There's no need to suffer through the process of finding multiple vendors, dealing with distributors, emptying your pockets, and causing yourself more stress.We are a family owned business, and we guarantee that working with us will give you the chance to develop a strong, hassle-free partnership. We value our ongoing relationships with our customers, and make sure to treat each of our customers equally, and with patience and understanding.We look forward to working with you!

A comprehensive selection of hairdressing equipment from the UK and Europe's leading suppliers. From sophisticated and classic to unique and vintage - we have barber and beauty furniture for any taste.

SalonCentric, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, and operating in 48 states, is one of the largest wholesale salon and beauty supply distributors of professional beauty products in the United States, exclusively for licensed beauty professionals. It's our vision to be your business partner of choice. We're committed to doing this by providing the best brands, the best education, and the best business-building support; transforming every salon, suite, or barbershop into a destination of choice.

Salon and barber furniture are commonly used by hairdressers, beauticians, and barberingons. This includes a variety of barber furniture for sale and barber furniture for sale to keep the clients in good health.

At, you can find a wide selection of quality salon chairs wholesale, gold salon tables wholesale, luxury salon chairs wholesale, and more in various colors to suit your customers' needs. Find a wide variety of colors and styles to cater to all your customers' needs, including red salon chairs, black salon tables, gold salon tables, and pedicure chairs at great prices from wholesalers on Alibaba. has a wide variety of styles and types of spa chairs, from gold salon tables wholesale to pink salon chairs, black salon chairs, and gold salon tables at wholesalers on Alibaba. Keep in mind with a wide range of styles and types of spa chairs at wholesale prices.

Discover a wide variety of wholesale salon furniture for sale on Alibaba. From wholesale salon chairs to barber shops and barber shops for sale, you can find a wide variety of wholesale salon chairs for sale at great prices on

A more traditional method for selling pre-loved salon equipment would be via a purpose-built selling website, such as eBay or Gumtree. eBay allows users to bid on items, meaning you are able to set a base price (a reserve) on your items and then, potential buyers are encouraged to bid over a period of time. Once the time is up, the highest bidder wins and you get the best price for your equipment.

The internet is full of sites and platforms through which you are able to sell your pre-loved salon equipment. While some require more work than others, selling online is safe, easy and relatively stress-free. By using the internet well, you can make closing your salon a little easier, in the knowledge that someone out there will buy your old salon equipment from you, allowing you to recuperate some hard earned cash in order to get ready for your next venture, whatever that may be!

"If you're a salon owner, you know how important it is to market in a fresh, exciting way to keep the business coming in. Over the years I've purchased for Salon Guys and never been disappointed. These guys are great." - Ally C.

2023 Salon Guys. All rights reserved. is a retailer of professional beauty equipment. We specialize in supplying affordable Salon equipment, tools and supplies to stylists, barbers, salon owners and the public.

Consonance Companies, Inc., also known as CCI Beauty, is a Salon Furniture and Beauty Equipment Company based in Los Angeles County. We proudly supply licensed professionals with high-quality, cost-effective salon furniture and spa equipment essential in today's innovative salon industry. CCI Beauty is one of the largest retailers of salons and furniture and equipment in California and has been serving the beauty industry since 2001, with thousands of customers nationwide.

Gamma & Bross is leader in the design and manufacturing of furniture and equipment for beauty salons and spas. Our unique products are designed by top tier international designers and our experienced design team. Our salon equipment is Made in Italy and sold in over 40 countries worldwide, through selected dealers as well as our flagship showrooms in New York, Paris and Cologne. Our salon furniture collections are divided into 4 brands: MGBross gathers our top designer lines and is addressed to high-end beauty salons. Gamma State-of-the-Art includes all our in-house designed furniture. GammaStore is focused on affordable salon furnishings for a broader clientele. Spa Logic provides design furniture and equipment for Spas. 041b061a72


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