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Jacob Cox
Jacob Cox

First Certificate Language Practice With Key Michael Vince

Description: An in-depth, detailed approach to English grammar and vocabulary, this is a combination of two books - with grammar clearly presented in the first half, and vocabulary input offered in the second half. It is a thorough and comprehensive series that ensures students' confidence with langauge through the progressive levels. KEY FEATURES: * FCE grammar fully explained and extensively practiced through a variety of exercises in the FCE exam style; * Comprehensive coverage of key lexical areas, especially phrasal verbs, through a wide range of exam practice exercises; * Additional work on collocation; * Regular consolidation units review and recycle language; * Clear grammar index, word list and formation rules.

first certificate language practice with key michael vince


Course content and characteristics: The course is focused on practical skills, i.e. learning to use basic phrases and commonly used expressions in the spheres of shopping and health. The students have the chance to encounter for the first time the grammatical phenomena known as the subjunctive, which at this level serves as an expression of instruction/order. The recommended primary material is the Fiesta I classbook, lessons 7-8 Similarly to in the previous course, classes in Spanish 3 are supplemented by additional material which aid intensity of language practice. In addition to the already mentioned secondary materials, see Spanish 2, material is also drawn from Dual, Aprende, Curso intensivo de español, etc.

Content and Approach: The course is held in cooperation with Tampere University. It consists of a series of meetings and the aim is to find out the best location for a joint venture of a British (Cambridge Display Technology) and an American (Corning) company. During the first week students from the two universities are assigned to CDT (Tampere University) or Corning (USB) companies, and are then divided into four project teams according to geographical region (Asia, Africa, South America or Eastern Europe). Each team member creates a new persona for him/herself and is that persona during the meetings. The responsibilities of chairing the meeting and being the secretary rotate, so that every member of each project team can practice both roles. The chairperson is responsible for preparing the agenda as well as organizing and running the meeting. The secretary prepares the minutes after the meeting. Each project team is involved in two online meetings, held via Zoom, with their counterpart team from the other university. 350c69d7ab


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