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[S1E6] This Is What It Sounds Like

The first time I watched this episode, I was annoyed. It's based on probably my two favorite individual issues of the comic and I remain unconvinced that simply gluing them together into an hour of TV like this actually works. Yes, there's a thematic link there, but it's pretty tenuous. The Sound of Her Wings portion needs space to breathe and compressing it into 20-odd minutes is a really peculiar choice.

[S1E6] This is What It Sounds Like

John offers to take them on a boat ride and this is where we get a glimpse of the injury that has been hinted at throughout the series. Beth gave up volleyball because of a non-sports-related injury in high school. The reason she looked at the boat last episode with trepidation is because it appears she had a boat accident. In the flashback, we see a motor underwater, and a sound that sounds like someone fell near it. The camera then shows a young beth crying, holding her leg that is bleeding. Her parents look down at her with concern.

Music documentaries offer a fascinating insight into the world of bands and artists. Often giving us behind the scenes look at life on the road while touring, recording music and what their personal lives are like.

Will this make a difference to Tic now? What about Leti? Or perhaps he has more important things on his mind like his impending doom. What will that be and is there any way around it? Hopefully, we will find out more next week. I shall see you there, in Lovecraft Country.

Kate goes after her mother while Maya faces off with Kazi. The Maya/Kazi fight was fine. It was a mix of Kazi trying to get Maya out of this life and Maya wanting him to come with her. Ultimately, Kazi died taking yet another person Maya loved away from her. This was solid although it felt like the kind of mid-season face-off that would have had way more impact in the Echo series.

With everything wrapped up, Clint takes Kate and Lucky to the farm to spend Christmas with the Bartons. In the comics, Kate treats Clint more like an uncle she occasionally has to listen to. This take, with Clint essentially making Kate his ward/sidekick a la Batman and Robin, is a welcome fresh hero dynamic in the MCU. And Steinfeld and Renner play off each other so well that this is easy.

Did you forget about Sanditon in all this big city action? Me too! Bad news: Lady D is not looking so hot. She's abed, and surrounded by all of her various would-be heirs. Folgers Sister and Clara both appear to be kind of worried/upset, but Folgers Brother is, as always, a creep AND a bad actor. He's very obviously faking his distress. Lady D calls them out for being vultures, tells them she won't give them the satisfaction of dying, and drinks some seawater, like the #BossLady she is. Folgers Brother, ever the opportunist, suggests that they might want to call for a priest, just for peace of mind, or even, dare he say it, her lawyer? I have to give it to him, he's not pulling his punches. Guess what though: Lady D hates religion as much as she hates modern medicine, and her lawyer already has her will on lock.

Sound of Silence: Lincoln buys a pair of earbuds to block the sounds his sisters make, but he gets into trouble when he says yes to all the girls' requests and doesn't know what he agreed to.

  • Space Invader: After Lynn and Lucy get into a fight, Lincoln agrees to let Lynn bunk in his room for the night. But when Lynn overstays her welcome, Lincoln must get the two to reconcile."Sound of Silence" Aesop Enforcer: In order to get back at Lincoln for tuning them out and ignoring them, the Loud sisters force him to do a bunch of chores and tasks he "promised" that he would do for them. Lola is the most prominent one since she was the one who found out about the earbuds and came up with the whole prank in the first place.

  • An Aesop: You can't shut yourself out from the sounds of your house; it's important to get used to them so you can hear what others are saying.

  • Berserk Button: Don't make Lola mad. This is ultimately subverted when the girls reveal that they made up the stories about Lola in order to teach Lincoln a lesson.

  • By the Lights of Their Eyes: Lincoln as he is hiding in the trash can.

  • Coincidental Broadcast:Lincoln: Sadly, when you've got ten sisters, it's almost impossible to get a moment's peace. TV Announcer: Do you find it almost impossible to get a moment's peace? Lincoln: [exasperated] Yes. [suddenly intrigued] Wait! Yes! TV Announcer: Then you need the Noise-B-Gone 2000 Earbuds! With 12 different soothing sounds, tune out that noisy world and enjoy a little me time. Only $19.95. Call now.

  • Disproportionate Retribution: If anyone makes Lola mad, even in the slightest, they'll pay a very dire price; Lori's phone got boiled in a pot simply because Lori didn't say "Bless You" when Lola sneezed. It's ultimately subverted when it turns out the girls made up the stories about Lola in order to teach Lincoln a lesson.

  • Out of all of the "tasks" Lincoln is forced to do,note Lola's "thing" at three, helping with Leni's manotard, being Lori's footstool, doing various chores under Lana's supervision. Lynn's "task" ends up being a bit much. Specifically, he becomes her sparring partner, in which he basically gets his ass kicked. She was also going to violently confront him when Lola told the other sisters about the earbuds until Lola told them her idea for the prank.

  • Dominance Through Furniture: Lori uses Lincoln as an ottoman as she paints her toes.

  • "Eureka!" Moment: Lola figured out that Lincoln was wearing the special earbuds when he wasn't responding appropriately to her comments and found the earbuds box in his trash.

  • Fireball Eyeballs: "You know what happens when you make Lola MAD!"

  • Foreshadowing: When Lana is having Lincoln do various chores in case that's what Lola wanted him to do, he questions why Lola would want or care about the house gutters getting cleaned out. It turns out that Lola figured out Lincoln has been tuning everybody out with noise-canceling earbuds and the Loud sisters planned out all the tasks as a way to teach him a lesson.

  • When Lola is explaining to the sisters that Lincoln is ignoring them, Lisa is nowhere to be seen, explaining why she didn't know about the plan in the end of the episode.

  • Locked Out of the Loop: Turns out, Lisa wasn't in on the sisters' plan to get back at Lincoln for tuning them out.

  • Mathematician's Answer: One of the reasons why Lola figured out that Lincoln was tuning everybody out with the earbuds was that he responded "I couldn't agree more" to her question if she was wearing too much mascara.

  • Mundane Made Awesome: Lori's flashback to "sneeze-ageddon" was Lola cooking her phone because she didn't say "bless you" to Lola's sneezing.

  • Not Listening to Me, Are You?: Appears to be averted, as the sisters don't realize Lincoln's tuning them out, and just take him saying "yes" as agreements. It turns out that Lola figured out what Lincoln was doing when his initial responses made no sense in terms of the question she asked and told the other sisters.

  • Plot Twist: It turns out that Lincoln's sisters knew all along that he was ignoring them.

  • Poor Communication Kills: Lincoln inflicts this on himself, as ignoring his sisters with the earbuds ends up causing him to agree to several commitments in advance without knowing any of the details. It turns out to have been invoked when Lola found out he was tuning them out with the earbuds, and got the rest of the sisters together to teach him a lesson for ignoring them. It then comes up again at the very end, as the girls forgot to keep Lisa in the loop, resulting in her experiment that she thought Lincoln would help her with going out of control and causing a massive explosion, deafening everyone except her, since she used the earbuds Lincoln wore earlier.

  • Running Gag: "You know what happens when you make Lola mad! Did I ever tell you about [insert problem here]?"

  • Shout-Out: The title comes from a Simon & Garfunkel song.

  • Lincoln tells the delivery drone "Take my money!".

  • Lynn tells of the time she made Lola mad, and woke up to find a popped soccer ball in her bed. Her and Lucys voice actress, Jessica DiCicco appeared as a little girl in The Godfather Part III at age 10.

  • Lori tells of the time Lola boiled her phone in a pot.

  • Slasher Smile: Lola makes several smiles when she plans revenge on her sisters for slighting her in their fake stories about making her mad.

  • Staggered Zoom: "Noise-B-Gone...You! Are!! AWESOME!!!"

  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: The special earbuds Lincoln uses to tune out his sister's voices and his inability of reading what they truly meant by their lip movements alone results in not having any idea what they said to him, and he is rather confused when he is talking to them without his earbuds of what he just agreed to. None of his sisters have seen him in places he is supposed to be in, doing certain things for them, or properly responding to their comments, which Lucy and Luan noted. Lola is also able to quickly figure out what Lincoln was doing when his initial responses made no sense to the questions she asked him.

  • This Explains So Much: The other sisters' reactions to Lola telling them about the noise-canceling earbuds Lincoln got and how he used them to ignore all of them. Luna: No wonder he didn't help me restring my guitar! Lucy: Or come to my seance. Luan: And that's why he didn't laugh at my jokes! Lori: Yeah, that's why.

  • Wham Line: When Lincoln confesses that he didn't hear what Lola wanted him to do because he used the earbuds to tune her out, Lola suddenly stops being mad: Lola: I know you didn't hear me. [The other sisters suddenly show up in the doorway with big grins on their faces] Lincoln: Huh? Lola: You're not as clever as you think, Lincoln Loud.

  • Wrong-Name Outburst: Leni calls Lincoln "Landon" when he tells her that he forgot what he promised Lola.



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