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Where To Buy Xm3

This is another area where these headphones compare very similarly. While the exact battery life you'll get out of either the older XM3 or newer XM4 headphones depends a lot on how many features you utilize (both will last a lot longer with noise canceling turned off, for example), generally you can expect around 30 hours of battery life from both headphones.

where to buy xm3

The XM4 also allows you to connect to two Bluetooth devices (like a smartphone and laptop, or laptop and tablet) at the same time, which is especially convenient in the pandemic era, though you should be aware you can't play music simultaneously. Additionally, the XM4 ups the ante in terms of audio codecs: where the XM3 utilizes the "DSEE HX" codec, the XM4 has "DSEE Extreme." Both DSEE codecs work to upscale lossy file types (such as MP3), fleshing their audio quality out and upscaling it in an attempt to match lossless audio types in terms of fidelity. 041b061a72


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