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Bird Box

Bird Box =====

A new pregnant survivor, Olympia, arrives. Half of the group goes to the grocery store Charlie worked at to restock their dwindling food. They drive there in a car with covered windows using GPS navigation system. Malorie gets three pet birds along with their supplies. She notices the entities' presence agitates the birds. Later, Charlie's coworker attacks the group, attempting to force them to look at the creatures. However, Charlie sacrifices himself to save the others. They make it back to the house. Sometime after, Felix and Lucy steal the car and drive away.

Malorie and the children go blindfolded down the river on a boat, carrying the birds to warn them of the entities. They encounter several obstacles, including an unblindfolded survivor and river rapids. Soon after the three reach shore, they are separated when Malorie accidentally slides down a hill. The entities use Malorie's voice to trick the kids into taking off their blindfolds. Malorie regains consciousness and tells the children where to find her. They eventually reach the community, a former school for the blind. Malorie releases the birds and finally gives the children names, Tom and Olympia, admitting that she is their mother.

A bird box is also referred to as a nesting box. Birds can have a safe place away from the dangers of the world and harsh weather in order to raise their young and have a home. But even though they have a safe place to live, being trapped inside a box is more about survival and less about enjoying life. This explains why even though Malorie needs a safe place for herself and family, she feels like she's trapped in a box unable to fend for herself. She feels she is burdened by having to protect these children. Of course by the end of the movie she realizes that she loves her children. They are not a burden but a reason to live.

In Malerman's novel, Tom keeps the birds to warn them when the creatures are near. Malorie later brings them with her on her journey with the kids to be a lookout, and the birds eventually go crazy, which alerts Malorie to the monsters' presence.

In the movie, the birds act as more of a symbol of hope. Malorie finds them in the supermarket and remarks on how they've survived thus far and realized they alert everyone to the creatures. At the end, she releases the birds to live in the sanctuary, perhaps illustrating the fact that she and her children are, for all intents and purposes, safe now as well.

Meet the UK's first WiFi Bird Box Camera, with which you can directly watch nesting birds on your smartphone, tablet and computer in HD! Simply connect up the power, mount the camera in your nest box and connect it to your WiFi network.

9. The Birds: In the book and the movie, the birds serve as a warning system against the creatures. In the book, Tom keeps them at the house for this purpose and Malorie brings them with her and the kids on their journey to sanctuary. In the film, Malorie finds a cage full of birds at a grocery store and takes it with her. Unlike humans, the birds do not become suicidal when seeing the creatures.

The species that use next boxes and platforms are diverse. Many species of owls, wrens, bluebirds, chickadees, American Kestrels, Purple Martins, and many more will use nest boxes because they mimic cavity nests they would find in the wild. When used correctly, nest boxes can be a huge help to many birds looking for a home. Building and caring for a nest box can be a very rewarding experience and a great project-based learning opportunity for students of all ages.

Nest boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the species that uses them. After all, everything from a bluebird to an Osprey can use a nest box and nest platform! So when building or buying your box, be sure you know what diameter your entry hole should be and how much space is inside to make it perfect for your target species.

NestWatch has a great resource for determining the right house for the right bird. Be


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