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[S4E14] Home Again

The narrative takes place in late December 2004, 100 days after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. The survivors of the crash team up with the Others, natives of the island where the plane crashed, to confront the mercenaries from the freighter Kahana, who have come to the island. Following this, some of the survivors escape the island, which is afterwards moved by Ben Linus (Michael Emerson). Flashforwards show the first actions of the Oceanic Six, those who are rescued, after returning home in January 2005, and their lives in late 2007. The cliffhanger from the previous season finale, "Through the Looking Glass," is resolved by revealing John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) to be dead and in the coffin that Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) visits in that episode.

[S4E14] Home Again

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Inside the underground part of the Orchid station, Ben puts every metal item he can find into a small compartment at the back of the room, while Locke watches the orientation video for the Orchid. On the tape, Pierre Chang (François Chau) begins to discuss time travel involving "negatively charged exotic matter" when the VCR malfunctions and the tape rewinds itself. Shortly, Keamy arrives and tells Locke that if he (Keamy) dies, the C4 on the freighter will detonate, due to a remote trigger linked to a heart rate monitor he is wearing. Regardless, Ben kills Keamy with no remorse or sympathy for those on the boat, in order to avenge his adopted daughter Alex (Tania Raymonde), whom Keamy executed. Ben seals and then activates power to the compartment he had loaded with metal items, blowing a hole in the back of it. Ben, now wearing a parka, tells Locke that whoever moves the island is forced to leave it and never come back; Ben must do it so that Locke can stay and lead the Others. Locke then goes to the Others, who welcome him home. Ben climbs through the hole and down a rocky tunnel beyond it into a frozen chamber, cutting his arm in the process. He then turns a very large metal wheel. As he completes the rotation, an eerie sound and white-yellow light soon envelop the entire island. Ben disappears, only to reappear several months later in the Sahara Desert (as seen in "The Shape of Things to Come").[3][4]

Throughout season four, Jack and Locke have argued about the true nature of the island, whether it had supernatural powers and on how Oceanic Flight 815 crashing could be part of the survivors' destiny. Upon witnessing the island vanish at the end of this episode, Jack finally realizes that Locke was right.[4] Jack then takes Locke's advice and convinces the other survivors that they must lie about the island once they are rescued. This is further emphasized by the fact that the same music is played during Jack and Locke's conversation and when the survivors encounter Penny's boat. Lindelof has also stated that Sawyer's message to Kate in the helicopter is a "critical plot point" in that it ultimately leads to the end of Jack and Kate's relationship once they return home (as seen in "Something Nice Back Home").[4] In terms of plot structure, the main action scene of the episode, where the Others and the survivors confront the mercenaries, was deliberately placed at the beginning of "Part 2" so that the remainder of the episode could focus on character development. Furthermore, all of the present time plotlines are interconnected by the C4 bomb on the freighter, even though the writers themselves have called the use of the bomb as a plot device "ridiculous". It was necessary, however, in order to keep both Michael and Jin from leaving the freighter with the other survivors.[4]

Aslaug isn't entirely unprepared for the attack, however, having dreamed it already. The ensuing fight is brutal. The warriors come to a standstill at the main thoroughfare, shields and weapons pressed up against one another in a deadly congestion. This is where Torvi comes into play. She and a group of archers have hidden in the rooftops where they suddenly emerge, behind enemy lines, raining death into the enemy before Lagertha finally calls a halt.

So far, the back half of Season 4 has been excellent. I apologize to readers for my absence reviewing the past two episodes. Our family recently moved into a new home and then we went on vacation the next week, so two weeks in a row I was either travelling or moving boxes, and my time was extremely limited.

And we have uncertainty: What will Ubbe and the rest of Aslaug's sons do? Will their vengeance against Lagertha be postponed when they discover Ragnar's death, when (and if) Ivar returns thanks to Ragnar and Ecbert's conspiracy?

After tragedy strikes the Montgomery family, Addison goes home to Connecticut and Sam and her friends decide to join her. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Violet clash when Sheldon's death row patient confesses to a crime that his wife, one of Violet's patients, believes he didn't commit.

On the highway, Cory is moving so slowly that everyone is passing him. When he finally gets up the nerve to drive faster, he is pulled over for going one mile per hour over the speed limit. The judge that tries him, Judge Lamb, is no easy judge, either, saying, "the law's the law, boy." He tells Cory that he either has to pay the fine of $200 or call his dad, both of which Cory is against because it was just one mile over.

Cory, however, calls Mr. Feeny for help, who in turn tells Alan that Cory is put on trial. When Alan finally shows up, he and Cory continue bickering. Cory is upset at Alan for treating him like a little kid, and Alan is upset because he feels as though he did nothing wrong. Judge Lamb then stops their arguing to place his sentence: 2 years. Cory must remain "the kid" for two years until he turns 18. As for Alan, he must cherish those years. The two reconcile, go home, and watch old home videos and talk about the next time they will "fight."

The meeting with the FBI takes place at the funeral home. They go over the plans to have Navarro transferred with Camila. Ruth and Rachel show up a little late, and Ruth demands the FBI apologize to Rachel for allowing the last FBI agent to get her hooked on drugs. Agent Clay does so and then Ruth and Rachel are handed a contract stating that if they agree to launder money through the casino, they will never be prosecuted.

Just before Mulder goes into the lab with the Kurt Crawford clones, Byers sees the police getting out of their car at the front of the lab complex. Mulder spends several minutes in the lab with the clones; the scene then cuts to Byers at the front again and the police are just a few feet from their vehicle, although quite a few minutes have passed.

On September 12, 2020, Weisman stated in a Q&A session during DC FanDome that their team has been working from home on season four. Pre-production was still underway despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but voice recording was being done individually by voice actors rather than in group sessions.[7] Greg Weisman described the process at length:

So in order to keep our board artists supplied with vocal tracks and working (from home), we began recording scratch tracks, using myself, Brandon, voice director Jamie Thomason, Talent coordinator Laura Lopez, editor Cris Mertens, and my wife and kids.

Then we began recording actors individually from home. Some of these actors have fantastic home studio set-ups. Others, well... not so much. We weren't video-conferencing with them, but we were audio-conferencing.

Either way, though, Riverdale is walking a tightrope. If Jughead is actually dead, there is going to have to be a huge emotional payoff and careful crafting of the story (especially for Betty beyond vengeance against Donna) to make that worth it for fans to stick around.

And with that pronouncement, Mika flounces onto the living room rug to play with her new doll. There is a cozy fire burning in the fireplace, and Tyrese cannot seem to comprehend this long-forgotten feeling of home, and hearth, and comfort. He remarks on this as he looks around, dazed at the coziness and warmth and feeling of family in the room.

That night, as Tyrese dozes in the cozy armchair in front of the fireplace, Carol and Lizzy once again sit at the kitchen table together while Mika plays with her rag doll, Griselda Gunderson.

Within September's consciousness, Peter learns the Observers are a team of scientists from one possible future of humanity, having used technology to travel to the past to witness their own creation. September, however, disrupted events by attempting to observe the point where Peter's cure was discovered, and his disruption has since caused several unintended changes within the timeline, including the war between the two universes. Ultimately, this would lead to the birth of Henry, Peter's child with the parallel universe's Olivia, which September claimed never should have happened and is a catalyst for disruption of future events. By Peter entering the Machine and altering the timeline, Henry also ceased to exist. September explains that Peter's reappearance may be a means to set things right, and insists he finds a way to reunite his romance with his original Olivia. As the reality of September's mind breaks down, claiming "they are coming", the Observer tells Peter to "go home".

Peter is suddenly woken up in the lab, September's body goes into convulsions and vanishes, with a nearby table falling over. Peter suspects that September's message might have been literal, and returns to his home, where he is knocked out by Jones' men. He is brought to the same facility as Olivia and tied up. As they prepare to torture him, Olivia begins to use her powers to activate the lights, not only on the box but within the facility, creating electrical sparks that kills one of Jones' men. She reveals that she knows that "Nina" is not the real Nina, as she got a detail wrong in the story of how Olivia came to live with her, and that she told Nina that she needed Peter to activate her abilities, knowing that Jones would bring him here. 041b061a72


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