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What is double chance betting? Guide to playing double chance betting

For those well-versed in the realm of betting, Double Chance odds won't come as a surprise. Stemming from the European odds system, this particular betting option is often deemed more user-friendly than its conventional counterparts. Consequently, it's no wonder that a growing number of enthusiasts are integrating Double Chance bets into their gaming strategies. In the forthcoming article, sportytrader will delve into the intricacies of this betting concept, shedding light on both its fundamentals and practical application. Let's embark on this exploration together!

What is double chance betting?

Double Chance betting, also referred to as Double Chance odds, empowers bettors to wager on two potential outcomes within a single match, hence the 'double' connotation in its name. Originating from the European odds system, this betting option allows punters to prognosticate either a home team victory, an away team victory, or a draw.

In the realm of Double Chance betting, players are presented with a choice between two distinct outcomes for a given match: a home team win or draw, an away team win or draw, or a home team win or an away team win. Consequently, the odds associated with this betting variant can escalate up to 66%, as meticulously calculated by industry experts.

Much like other supplementary betting options, Double Chance odds may be available for either the first half or the entirety of the match. Prior to kickoff, bettors must diligently analyze the odds and execute their wagers with bookmakers in order to capitalize on potential opportunities.

Guide to playing double chance betting for bettors

Here's the basic gameplay of Double Chance betting. If you're a newbie, it's essential to understand the following information:

Selecting Matches:

To commence your Double Chance betting journey, the initial step involves meticulously selecting matches that boast Double Chance odds, a feature provided by discerning bookmakers. Accessing renowned bookmakers renowned for their expansive football betting networks is paramount. Once within the interface, navigate to the "Early Odds" section and peruse the available matches. Upon identifying a match of interest, proceed to click on it. By toggling the dropdown arrow, locate the "Double Chance" option. Upon selection, the associated odds will be displayed with enhanced clarity, facilitating informed decision-making.

Creating a Bet Slip:

After identifying a match offering Double Chance odds, you'll proceed to craft your bet slip. Within the bookmaker's interface, you'll encounter a trio of options, each aligned with a distinct betting outcome:

1X: Signifying either a home team victory or a draw

2X: Denoting either an away team triumph or a draw

12: Indicating victory for either the visiting or home team

Select the option that aligns with your prognostication, prompting the bet slip to materialize. Within this slip, comprehensive details pertaining to the match, odds, date and time of bet placement, as well as your desired stake amount, will be presented. Subsequently, affirm your selections by clicking the "Confirm" button, cementing your wager.

Calculating Winnings:

Calculating winnings for Double Chance bets differs slightly from other types of bets. Here's how it's calculated:

For 1X: Winnings Ratio = 1 / [(1 / odds for 1) + (1 / odds for X)].

For 12: Winnings Ratio = 1 / [(1 / odds for 1) + (1 / odds for 2)].

For 2X: Winnings Ratio = 1 / [(1 / odds for 2) + (1 / odds for X)].

Best tips for analyzing double chance bets

If you're new to Double Chance betting, here are some invaluable soccer hot tips for today you shouldn't overlook:

  • In matches where both teams are evenly matched, consider selecting the 12 option (either team to win). The likelihood of one of the teams winning is relatively high due to the competitive nature and the points on the league table.

  • Prioritize placing Double Chance bets on matches where there is a weaker team against a stronger opponent. In such cases, betting on the stronger team to win or draw can yield up to 90% odds. You can identify the stronger and weaker teams based on their reputation, recent form, and the quality of their squad.

  • When playing Double Chance bets, the potential winnings depend on the odds. Therefore, opt for matches with positive odds displayed. In such cases, if your bet wins, the bettor's winnings will be higher compared to selecting odds with negative numbers.


It is more than fair to assert that Double Chance betting stands out as one of the most lucrative wagering options available today. Whether you're a seasoned punter or just starting out, incorporating Double Chance bets into your repertoire is certainly worth considering. By strategically placing Double Chance bets alongside your primary wagers, you can significantly enhance your potential profits. If you find the insights shared by reputable bookmakers valuable, don't hesitate to pass them along, enabling fellow bettors to capitalize on this knowledge as well! Read more: football prediction win for Today and Tomorrow's


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